Now you can keep up to date on all of Juliet's new designs and shop for them here too!

Shows and Gallery

With the help of my whole family, Rutiglinao Design designed and built a 10x10 Trade Show Booth as well as designing and building every fixture for our retail gallery Mise-En-Scene!



Gravitational Collar

Highly stylized and regal, the Gravitational Collar creates a world of its own. Its a celestial celebration when you wear this piece. It is constructed with over 300 pieces of sterling silver, each piece hand done. It has a figure 8 clasp and it adjustable to 19" so it can be worn with a myriad of styles. Also available in oxidized sterling silver. Signed by Juliet 

Tiny Plume Drop

These are the perfect tiny earring. A miniature addition to my PLUME line. Great for everyday wear.
 Sometime you just need a little accent, so make accessorizing easy on yourself with these little beauties.



Rich in texture and movement, these matte sterling earrings are 5/8" long. Sophisticated and simple, they also make the perfect gift! Please specify what finish you would like. $44.00

Nova Burmese Earrings

The Nova earrings are adorned with Burmese Rubies. The rosy scarlet hue of the rubies bring out the natural tones of your skin, enhancing your inner and outer beauty. 
They hang about 1.5"and are simply stunning.$180.00

Domina Collar

The  newest line from Rutigliano Design. Regal. Dominant. Graceful. "Domina" is a title given to noble ladies that held a barony in their own right.  This design is delicately bold, logically constructed using many components that are  interwoven through a subtle and intricate frame.  
The elements that constitute a tenacious and vibrant female personified.

Every piece is meticulously hammered in sterling silver. Every circular structure is connect so it sits perfectly on your neck. Send the message of high fashion into the world. A modern look created with primitive and pleasing circles. The main area of the piece measure about 4 inches long and 6.5 inches wide. Adjustable to 21" long, you can wear this piece with anything. $1,100.00

Modeled by Dinah Williams.

Long Dew Drop Earrings

These earrings are SO fun to wear. They are 3" in length and are extremely lightweight. Hand done in sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver. Since they are constructed from many tiny pieces, the move with you. This is a new addition to our Lashes Line. Please specify in your order if you would like them Oxidized Sterling(darkened) or Matte Sterling.
Price Upon Request

Lashes Antenna Earrings in Matte Sterling

Each of the lashes on this piece swing freely. They are a wearable piece of sculpture. The post allows them to comfortable hand from your ear. They are hand done in matte sterling silver and are also available in oxidized sterling. They hang a comfortable 1.5" inches from the post. 

Satellite Tower Pendant

This piece is smaller, but still intricate. Let it be your Talisman. Oxidized sterling silver, this piece is 2" in length. $148.00

Short Dew Drop Earrings

These are the tiny version of the Dew Drops Long. They are hand done in sterling silver. They are the perfect little accent to dress up a casual ensemble, but are also perfect for a night on the town! They are incredibly lightweight and hang 1.5". These are cute little addition to our Lashes Line! 

Nebula Collar

The Nebular Collar is the first real artistic concept piece for 2011! Straight from the universe to your jewelry collection. Each disk is has intensely detailed texture created by forging and hammering to mimic a rich planetary surface. The largest Nebula piece is 1.5" with piece tapering to 5/8" adjustable to 19" There is a figure 8 sterling clasp and is signed by Juliet. It drape asymmetrically on the contours of your chest and collar bone in a pleasing and comfortable manner. $700.00